Are you spending to much time, energy and money to achieve your security and compliance objectives?

With recent increases in security and compliance requirements, organisations have been faced with the challenge of implementing enterprise security programs of work and associated projects. Many organisations fail to realise that that security and compliance projects are transformation projects and can have a huge impact to the business, people, systems and processes.

Carefully managing the overall program of work to detailed planning of individual tasks, roles, responsibilities, setting up of steering committee, running program and project workshops, budget, finance, vendor management can all be quite a complex and require significant effort.

From it’s inception, Stickman has been assisting large enterprise accounts with Project Management, Business Analysis, Solutions Architecture specifically in cyber¬†security and we have experienced project managers in this area to enable organisations to quickly augment resources and get you to your goal in a systematic, controlled and transparent manner.

We have executed some significant projects in the PCI DSS, ISO 27001, IRAP, Business Systems Continuity, and Disaster Recovery. We can also assist companies in the following areas as mentioned below:

  • Policy and Processes Creation and Review
    Achieving solid data security and compliance has a strong bearing on the policy and procedures adhered by your organisation. In the journey to compliance, it is crucial that you have a created and implemented the appropriate policy and procedures in place to ensure you achieve and maintain the required data security and compliance. Stickman work with you and your teams in understanding the current policy and procedures in place and creates or amends the policies and procedures for you to achieve and maintain compliance. Our governance, risk and compliance experts have the indepth knowledge and expertise to take you through the process to achieve and maintain compliance.
  • Security Advisory, Assessment and Reviews
    The growing level of threats in the area of data security can be a major headache for many organisations. Just keeping up to date with the various vulnerabilities and potential new areas of risk means maintaining security is a growing challenge. At Stickman, our security services in advisory, assessment and reviews cater to any stage in an organisations life-cycle towards achieving or maintaining data security and compliance. Stickman can work with you by utilising our proprietary methodologies and tools to optimally assess the risks, potential threats and provide fully comprehensive and up to date feedback and advice on best practices, news, industry standards and new technologies to help improve, achieve or maintain data security and relevant compliance standards.
  • Security and Payment Card Standards Training
    Security starts with you and in many instances, organisations require robust yet pragmatic policy and procedures in place to achieve and maintain compliance. The key to success is to ensure that people working in your organisation are well aware and trained on best practices for security and compliance. Ongoing training and awareness form a key success factor and at Stickman we have qualified and experienced trainers who work with you to understand your organisation requirements and provide you with pre-packaged or customised training solutions to achieve the desired outcomes. Stickman also provides workshop and seminar style training programs for all levels within your organisation structure covering directors, executive management, middle management, operations, call centre and areas that require the relevant security and standards training.


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