Access a broader range of knowledge and expertise with Stickman’s Cyber Security Consultant.

As Cyber Security threats become more intense and regulatory and compliance issues become more complex – the need to access a broad range of knowledge and expertise becomes increasingly important. A Stickman Cyber Security Consultant give you access best-of-breed expertise, without the need to develop this expertise internally.

A Cyber Security Consultant allows your organisation to:

  • Access to Cyber Security expertise 24/7 including broad expertise, and leading protection technology.
  • Focus on your core business whilst meeting security and compliance requirements.
  • Minimise requirements to track and manage changing regulatory standards.
  • Increase your flexibility to meet changes in your business and cyber security conditions.
  • Remove the distruption often caused by staff turnover.
  • You only pay for the services you require without the cost of full-time staff and office equipment.


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