How do you manage your cyber risk?

Our Approach

Cyber security has never been just an IT issue. It is a major business issue that requires focus and knowledge. Our Cyber Security By Design framework introduces a whole of company approach to managing cyber risk. It provides a framework to map standards, cut costs and increase efficiency by identifying and managing high priority risks and activities.

Traditionally, cyber security only becomes a focus to organisations after a cyber attack. This re-active approach is both costly and inefficient – and unfortunately, very common. Cyber Security By Design is a pro-active approach to cyber security, recognising that cyber attacks are a case of when, not if. Organisations that are prepared and have the right systems and technology in place are able to respond quickly, recover and continue business operations much sooner- with less cost.

Stickman’s Cyber Security By Design Workshop is the first step in developing a whole of company approach to cyber security.

At our workshop you will learn:

  • What is Cyber Security By Design?
  • Pros and cons of a standards based approach.
  • Relevance of the framework to your business.
  • The road map implementing the framework.
  • Summary of what you can do next.

Cyber security entails adopting and following a serious, dedicated approach towards making your networks, systems, devices, servers, and data foolproof from cyber-attacks and unauthorised access. This is a complex multi-faceted multi-layered process and there must be cyber security specialists involved to offer innovative cyber security services.

Stickman is a team that believes in being proactive and preemptive in handling cyber security. That is why we have the best talent in-house to:

  • Assess your existing infrastructure
  • Understand your security requirements
  • Define the scope
  • Design an action plan
  • Implement your tailored solution.

Our proficiency in cyber security services and years of hands-on experience, allows us to take our vigilance to the next level. At the core is the fact that waiting for an attack to revamp your IT ecosystem, is not going to drive results! We are, therefore, determined and aggressive followers of proactive cyber security solutions.

The modus operandi of our cyber security services is to use advanced tools and techniques to make your infrastructure – systems, processes, and networks – watertight, and steadfast.

Call us today to find out how we can add value to your business and make your systems infallible.

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How to proactively manage cybersecurity threats.

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