We can help you to uncover areas of weakness and recommend fixes so that you’re able to secure and protect your data.

Before you can secure a network, you have to know how it’s threatened. Stickman will help you to uncover areas of weakness and recommend fixes through our Vulnerability Assessment Service, offering a truly automated vulnerability scanning process using powerful Integrated Vulnerability Scanning and Penetration testing tools that are designed to first identify, quantify, and prioritise (or ranking) most common attacks.

This combination of approaching potential exploits with an Integrated Vulnerability Assessment and following Penetration testing approach helps businesses quickly identify and re-mediate critical vulnerabilities all in the one integrated approach. Vulnerability scanning and penetration testing provides a snapshot of a network’s security at a specific point in time and with Stickman’s Vulnerability Assessment Service we will help identify vulnerabilities on areas such as:

  • Network devices
  • Operating systems
  • Desktop applications
  • Web applications Databases and more.

We will also detect and fix possible weaknesses in your network’s security before they can be exploited by intruders and anticipate and prevent common system vulnerabilities.With Stickman’s Vulnerability Assessment Service we will:

  • Uncover any potential exploits and provide recommendations on how to fix the vulnerabilities, and where to begin remediation efforts with the exploitable vulnerabilities.
  • Can and exploit targets with an IPv4, IPv6, and/or URL address.
  • Demonstrate how you can design and generate vulnerability assessment reports quickly and easily.
  • Utilise an agent-less solution that does not require agent software to be loaded on assessed endpoints.
  • Show you if your network security is improving over time by using the trend analysis report.
  • Gives you the option to store the vulnerability data locally or remotely; your vulnerability data does not need to be sent across the Internet.
  • Perform authenticated and unauthenticated vulnerability scans for operating systems, databases, and Web applications.
  • Performs content scanning for data that should not be stored on desktops/servers

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