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sticksecure is an online portal for organisations that accept and handle payment or credit card data to track, monitor, manage and report on their data security and compliance requirements.

With the growing threat of payment and credit card breaches, enables organisations that store, process or transmit payment or credit card data, to self-assess their own compliance status, scan for threats, vulnerabilities, card holder data and report on compliance. The portal provides further assistance to organisation over the phone, email, chat, along with ongoing training, awareness, latest news and articles relevant to the payment card industry. is widely used by all levels of organisations in the payment card industry, whether you are a merchant, service provider, acquirer or issuer, the portal provides comprehensive processes and monitoring systems along with many unique on-demand services. significantly reduces time and cost involved in achieving and maintaining data security and compliance regardless of the size of the organisation or number of annual payment transactions.

With StickSecure, acquirers and service providers gain additional benefits through a specially designed central management console providing the ability to centrally manage, track, report and monitor each merchant’s compliance requirements. The portals specially designed automated data collation and real-time reporting tools provide a proactive approach helping merchants meet their payment card industry compliance obligations.

With StickSecure we have completely simplified the PCI DSS compliance journey for you.

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