Stickman’s managed security operations service ensures your cyber security defence continues to evolve. Is your organisation ready to respond to future threats?


An effective managed security operations centre is the backbone of your cyber defence system. As threats continue to evolve, so should your organisation. Managed security operations provide a service model that is customised to your business needs, remaining flexible and adaptable as your business changes.

Stickman’s managed security operations centre uses the power of AlienVault to provide a reliable, flexible and scalable solution for the effective management of your cyber security program.  The benefits include:

  • Unified, co-ordinated security monitoring.
  • Simple security event management and reporting.
  • Continuous threat intelligence.
  • Fast deployment.
  • Multiple security functions without multiple consoles.

Our managed security operations combines cyber security expertisesound frameworks and leading security technology to keep you secure now and into the future.

Stickman is one of the leading cyber security firms in Australia offering proficient cyber security management services.  We work in compliance with internationally accepted standards and regulations. Our expertise includes:

  1. Onsite Consultation – We undertake a comprehensive assessment of your architecture to understand the risks and vulnerabilities and devise strategies, integrate security products and offer support services on a continued basis.
  2. Perimeter Management – We offer hardware and software-related intrusion detection methods and management, to create a failsafe perimeter for your IT infrastructure.
  3. Vigilance One of the key aspects of our cyber security management services includes monitoring all the essential devices throughout your entire network, on a daily basis.
  4. Advanced Tools – Using the most advanced tools, we apply modern testing methods to expose weaknesses in your IT ecosystem and identify the gaps that are making your business susceptible to attack.
  5. Utmost Compliancy We make your systems compliant and secure, yet agile, so when you are ready for change, your systems can change with you, using the latest technology.

We have a reputation of offering reliable and advanced cyber security management services with the result being that your architecture acts as a resilient wall for online hackers and thieves. It is important to remember that the risks associated with cyber threats are on the rise like never before and no business entity, big or small, is immune until proactive measures are taken to ensure the right protection is in place.

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