Satheeth G Nair

Satheesh G Nair (1970-2014 and beyond)

Satheeth G Nair

Our respected colleague, Head of Delivery, Co-Founder, CTO and dear friend is no more.

The above words are a cruel reflection of the reality and the below ones explain a reality which Satheesh has been able to create and cherish within our team at Stickman Consulting, with our clients, with his beloved family and his dear friends.

Who was Satheesh and how did he change us and the world around him?

Satheesh was brave. He told me once that he managed to move all his family just because he wanted to study Computer Science in Bangalore. He was brave to pursue his passion and make it happen.

He was funny. Yes, every day in every single interaction with his team, Stickman’s clients and his family and dear friends he would always find a word, a joke, a way to make all of us laugh, smile and see the bright side of life.

He was dedicated enough to work through sleepless nights and live abroad for months away from his beloved family so that he could deliver the best outcomes for Stickman’s customers.

He never gave up. Just the Friday before this tragic accident, he sent a note to the team saying that he had fallen many times, he had experienced terrible moments in the past, but he always found a way to pick him self up and dust him self off and asked the waiter – ‘Another large please”.

Satheesh was not perfect, he was a man of vision, he was a man seeking improvement in every single action in his life and he was a man who was able to set high standards, able to teach and give possibilities to the people around him.

In a few sentences this is the man we got the honour to know, the man who touched our lives and made us wander, made us seek excellence in our work, he led by example, made us smile and made us cry for his loss…

Good bye Satheesh G Nair, you will be always remembered.

Note: Click here for details of the incident

Ajay Unni

Ajay Unni is the Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Stickman. Ajay specialises in helping customers manage the growing threat of data breaches and compliance with globally accepted industry standards for data security and compliance. More articles by Ajay Unni

  • Ajay Unni

    We all miss you Satheesh! You are still giving me the strength to carry on with the right attitude and inspiration.

  • Srikanth Kota

    I can never forget you as you have shown me how to make professional work light and simple yet achieve right results.

    This is not only a huge loss to your family & Stickman but also to the customers of Stickman & to the society as you are one person who always strived to improve the standards for the benefit of the customers & society.

    It was a great privilege to work with you. You will always be remembered.

  • Thomas Lo

    Our dear friend Satheese,

    The unexpected phone call from AJay this morning aroused tons of sweet memories and fond thoughts of yours not long ago in our short first and last encounter in a Melbourne – a short 40 minutes.

    Yet it reminded me of the special unusual liveliness, friendliness, dedicated professional traits, the determination and confidence in a flourishing, vibrant entrepreneur IT business professional, yet also the caring heart of a husband and father who was working hard and away from his India family.

    Yet you shared with me on Governance, Quality, Risk based decision making to help clients reap real value from their business operations – this showed your professional dedication in your work, and your strong belief in real value add to a sustainable business success through lively yet serious work enthics.

    Life could be short, yet what matters are the Values, the Sharings, the ‘Marks’ the ‘foot prints’ you have left behind with others – friends, family, colleagues, and ‘direct and indirect’ beneficiaries of yours that have their lives bettered through real value-add benefits successful companies brought – be it service or products, that have resulted from your whole hearted professional consultancy works; and the subtle friendships that so many-a-time budding out from such encounters!

    Always in remembrance of our dear friend Satheese, a ‘rare’ person whose foot-prints show others the tracks to a more ‘Effective/ Efficient/ Balanced’ life success – be it in family, friends, profession or business.

    Thomas Lo

  • Ravi Shankar

    My dear friend, I am going to miss you. We came to know each other very well in the past three months; we shared many jokes and played golf many times. Now you have gone is difficult to accept.
    I am going to miss you Mate

  • Chas Wu

    I met you only once in Ajay’s office, but you smile has been vividly in my memory. I will remember your smile for a long time. and Stickman will miss you too.

    Life is sometime unpredictable. what is the meaning of life???

  • Anjana

    Dear Satheesh, as a brother and friend you have always been there for me. I’m going to miss you. RIP dear bro.:(

  • Jiji Joseph

    Satheesh studied as my junior at the University days and didnt know him well at the time.After arriving in Australia, I had talked to him few times and he was very charming and loving. We all will miss you brother. RIP.

  • Sanjay Bhutada

    Dear Satheesh,

    Finally got your spelling right mate ! I loved pulling your leg by referring to you as “Satish”.

    You radiated intelligence mixed with energy & fun. Everytime we met, there was something extra you could add in the conversation . You were a good all-rounder and I always found our conversation interesting.

    You were a person of unique ideas. WIll miss you a lot buddy. May you rest in peace……will surely miss you.

  • Santosh Panda

    I will miss you Satheesh, a lot! RIP

    You were one of the first few entrepreneurs I had met during 1999-2000 in Bangalore. I saw how you had a ‘startup’ in a house with a small team. You had an impact on me that startups are hard things but its worth trying.

    Bubbling with energy & passion, you could be first few Indian entrepreneurs who thought mobile and SMS could change face of India. This is in 2001 when India was starting mobile. You did well but when I look back, you were way ahead of the time and courageous.

    When I was struggling on how to transform myself from remotely living in London and having my Startup & team in India, you were the only one who shared practical inputs to do it seamlessly. I can go on writing how much your insights has helped over the years.

    When I announced that I am shifting from Pune to Bangalore during 2013, you were the first to call to query which part of Bangalore I will live and even suggested why not Hebbal.

    Thank you for all your support.

    I will miss you Satheesh. RIP.

  • Ranjith Shenoy

    It was a privilege to work you , Will miss you

  • Ashok Menon

    I find it extremely difficult to accept this is true for such a energetic and vibrant person like you being no more. I cant believe that that the caption on you Jeep ‘Stay Alert Stay Alive’ was carried while what is today is absolute opposite.

    You will be truly missed. May his soul rest in peace

    Warm Regards

  • Sunder Rao

    When I saw Satheesh’s photograph in ‘Times of India’, I was a bit doubtful whether it was the same person with whom I had worked for sometime during 2002-03. I realized the harsh truth only when I recollected his wife’s name which he had mentioned in one of the conversations. The last time I met him was at a Conference. He was a cool person with a knack of putting even negative things with a smile. I still cannot believe he is no more. I hope his family gets all the strength to bear this loss.

  • Kalyan P.V.

    I had been interacting with him for about 2 years now and this came to me as a big shock. I still can feel his humorous words and could not bring myself to the fact that this will no longer be.

    Missing such a wonderful and unique personality. May his soul rest in peace.

  • Manoj Sethu

    I am shocked to know abt the incident. Some information reach so slow, but better late than never! Sometimes wish I did not know it happened but reality is reality 🙁 Thanks to a friend, I got to know about the tragedy this morning. Satheesh, we planned to have a meeting a couple of times which never happened. The last time we spoke in Oct you said we’ll meet when you are Bangalore, and now it’s yet to dawn on me that will never happen. I am really saddened, will miss you smile and your energy and spirit in all your interactions… abt 10 years is what I’ve known you, and I have no words to express my sorrow… Rest in peace in the place you think is the best for you Satheesh, but seems so far away from us. 🙁


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