Stickman’s ‘Cyber Security By Design’ framework builds security systems customised for each organisation, transforming their approach to cyber security and ensuring their environment is secure – both now and into the future.

Our philosophy is simple. Cyber Security is not just an IT issue, it’s a whole of business issue.  Technology is advancing rapidly and cyber criminals are becoming more sophisticated in the methods they use to access data confidential data.   Managing Cyber Security is now an on-going process of planning, monitoring and adapting to the changing nature of cyber threats – not a set and forget with the hope that your business will be protected.

Stickman’s five step process of engagement reflects the need for an on-going focus on cyber security. Our team work with you to understand your environment, implement the changes required, ensure you achieve relevant certifications and manage your cyber security program to maintain and improve your cyber security when required.

  • Define: Arrive at the cyber security scope, current profile and target profile.
  • Plan: Arrive at the implementation plan for cyber security target profile.
  • Execute: Execution of the implementation plan based on timeline, resource availability and approved budgets.
  • Report: Conduct annual cyber security assessment.
  • MonitoringOngoing program to maintain and improve cyber security.

Our approach is designed to optimise your organisations defence capability. We will mitigate your cyber security risks and help you deliver your business objectives today and into the future.


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  • Strategy

    Create a plan-of-action to manage and improve your cyber security program.

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  • Transformation

    Delivering a program of changes that improves your organisations cyber security.

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  • Penetration Testing

    Take the right steps to reduce cyber security threats and protect your organisation.

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    Penetration Testing
  • Managed Security

    Implement on-going cyber security protection for your organisation.

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    Managed Security

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