Align to the ISO 27001 security standard and be seen as a more secure and trustworthy organisation to do business with.

Stickman’s team of qualified consultants assist companies through all stages of the ISO 27001 standards to help protect all critical information.


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With increasingly sophisticated cyber-attacks around the globe and security vulnerabilities growing from year to year, a need for a globally recognised information security standard is becoming a need.

More and more companies are aligning to the ISO standard in order to be seen as a secure organisation and have the ability to operate in the market, removing the fear of doing business with you. Some clients came to us because they had lost customers due to the fact they were not aligned to the ISO standard.


This doesn’t have to happen to you.

The standard contains 11 domains that cover the following areas:

1. Security policy – management direction.

2. Organisation of information security – governance of information security.

3Asset management – inventory and classification of information assets.

4Human resources security – security aspects for employees joining, moving and leaving an organisation.

5Physical and environmental security – protection of the computer facilities.

6Communications and operations management – management of technical security controls in systems and networks.

7. Access control – restriction of access rights to networks, systems, applications, functions and data.

8. Information systems acquisition, development and maintenance – building security into applications.

9Information security incident management – anticipating and responding appropriately to information security breaches.

10Business continuity management – protecting, maintaining and recovering business-critical processes and systems.

11Compliance – ensuring conformance with information security policies, standards, laws and regulation.


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“What differentiates Stickman from other providers in the ability to be adaptable and open to feedback.  Tailoring reports for specific circumstances and the ability to quickly turnaround out of band requirements has been key in maintaining our relationship.

Stickman have performed many tests for my organisation in the last 7 months. I have no hesitation in recommending Stickman both as a tester of choice and also as a wider collaborative partner in all matters that require expert opinions and guidance regarding information security.”


Roger Heyes – Information Security Consultant & Lead IT Risk Governance, Vega Advantage


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