Satheeth G Nair

Satheesh G Nair (1970-2014 and beyond)

Satheeth G Nair

Our respected colleague, Head of Delivery, Co-Founder, CTO and dear friend is no more.

The above words are a cruel reflection of the reality and the below ones explain a reality which Satheesh has been able to create and cherish within our team at Stickman Consulting, with our clients, with his beloved family and his dear friends.

Who was Satheesh and how did he change us and the world around him?

Satheesh was brave. He told me once that he managed to move all his family just because he wanted to study Computer Science in Bangalore. He was brave to pursue his passion and make it happen.

He was funny. Yes, every day in every single interaction with his team, Stickman’s clients and his family and dear friends he would always find a word, a joke, a way to make all of us laugh, smile and see the bright side of life.

He was dedicated enough to work through sleepless nights and live abroad for months away from his beloved family so that he could deliver the best outcomes for Stickman’s customers.

He never gave up. Just the Friday before this tragic accident, he sent a note to the team saying that he had fallen many times, he had experienced terrible moments in the past, but he always found a way to pick him self up and dust him self off and asked the waiter – ‘Another large please”.

Satheesh was not perfect, he was a man of vision, he was a man seeking improvement in every single action in his life and he was a man who was able to set high standards, able to teach and give possibilities to the people around him.

In a few sentences this is the man we got the honour to know, the man who touched our lives and made us wander, made us seek excellence in our work, he led by example, made us smile and made us cry for his loss…

Good bye Satheesh G Nair, you will be always remembered.

Note: Click here for details of the incident

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