Access Controls

Is Privileged Access Management a 2019 priority for you?

Access Controls

Privileged Access Management (PAM) has surfaced as a top security priority over the last year. I predict this to be an area of growth and focus for 2019 too.


While seeking to add value to the business and protect organisation data, CISOs want to add business value and at the same time enable a stronger security perimeter on the front-line.


Traditional security measures are no longer enough. Rapidly growing technologies like cloud and mobile make the security boundaries indistinct.


Traditionally, organisations leveraged firewalls, VPNs, access controls, IDS, IPS, SIEMs, email gateways etc. to ascertain security. On physical devices, systems management and AV did the trick.


This ‘traditional’ approach has been in place for a good three decades. But it must now evolve. PAM is the new cyber security perimeter.


Privileged Access’ can include access to computers, network devices, software applications, digital documents, cloud & third-party applications and give CISOs more control and a seamless user experience.


Is PAM part of your 2019 priorities?



Ajay Unni

Ajay Unni is the Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Stickman. Ajay specialises in helping customers manage the growing threat of data breaches and compliance with globally accepted industry standards for data security and compliance. More articles by Ajay Unni

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