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Cyber Security Small Business Program

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Small businesses with less than 20 employees can now access grants of up to $2,100 to have their cyber security tested by CREST ANZ approved service providers.

CREST, the Council of Registered Ethical Security Testers, was formed to test and certify Penetration Testing organisations. CREST Approved companies and their certified staff have proven technical capabilities and an independently verified commitment to integrity and high-quality service. Stickman proudly operates as a CREST Registered Tester.

Stickman CEO, Ajay Unni, spoke as a strong advocate of the grants program:

“Small Business are the most neglected by the industry when it comes to cyber security & cyber defence, the reason being it is extremely difficult for them to access the full spectrum of information security testing – given their lack of budgets, and lack access to specialist skill sets.

Cyber defence is no longer just based on antiviruses alone. Small businesses must create a cyber defence plan to address all aspects of people, systems and processes. The Federal Government’s Small Business Grant for Cyber Security is the first step in encouraging small business to take a look at their people, systems and processes – and giving them access to expert resources in protecting their customers and themselves from cyber-attacks.”

Stickman’s Penetration Testing team work with leading Australian organisations of all sizes, to identify known and unknown vulnerabilities in their external or internal networks and applications, and reduce the likelihood of a malicious attack.

CREST certification covers Stickman’s work in the field of general infrastructure and operating system security assessments, as well as Stickman’s ability to find vulnerabilities in bespoke web applications. Before certifying Stickman, CREST determined that the Stickman information security team are at the top of their profession, and have passed a demanding examination process as well as background vetting. Stickman also subjected their management and business operation to audit and scrutiny by CREST Australia, and have signed up to the CREST code of conduct.

The Australian Cyber Security Small Business grants program is now open, with grant payments also being made in the 2018-19 financial year.

Interested organisations can register for Cyber Security Small Business Program updates to receive the latest information. Small businesses wanting guidance and more information are encouraged to reach out to Stickman, for a confidential discussion and to understand the next steps for accessing the grants.

Ajay Unni

Ajay Unni is the Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Stickman. Ajay specialises in helping customers manage the growing threat of data breaches and compliance with globally accepted industry standards for data security and compliance. More articles by Ajay Unni

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