Stickman helps businesses fight the constant threat of cyber attack and data breach.

Our ‘by design methodology’ builds security systems customised for each organisation, transforming their approach to cyber security and ensuring their environment is secure – both now and into the future.

At Stickman, we believe cyber is human, because cyber security is a part of us. Technology is an extension of our lives which is being targeted by criminals. Our purpose, is to create and maintain a safe and secure cyber world by designing the future of cyber security by bringing together new methodologies, security experts, ethical hackers, technologies, solutions and managed services.

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How to proactively manage cybersecurity threats.

At Stickman, we provide you with a full range of services and a single point of contact for all your cybersecurity needs that ensures you have the time and peace of mind to grow your business.

From assessing your current cybersecurity strategy, to identifying new threats, to managing cybersecurity with an expert team – take a look at StickmanCyber’s 4-phase, end-to-end offerings.

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