Achieve compliance whilst managing your cybersecurity threats

  • Strategy

    Create a plan-of-action to manage and improve your cybersecurity program.

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  • Transformation

    Delivering a program of change that improves your organisations cybersecurity.

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  • Penetration Testing

    Take the right steps to reduce cybersecurity threats and protect your organisation.

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    Penetration Testing
  • Managed Security

    Implement on-going cybersecurity protection for your organisation.

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    Managed Security

Why do you need a cybersecurity firm?

  • Data breaches are happening more vigorously than ever before – the first half of 2019 saw more than1 billion records breached.
  • Almost 62% of businesses in 2018 fell victim to phishing and social engineering attacks.
  • Online hackers carry out an attack every 39 seconds, which equates to 2,244 attacks in a single day.
  • On average, 43% of breach victims are small-scale businesses.

These are just a few of the statistics that prove beyond a doubt, why your business, be it big or small, needs one of the most resourceful cybersecurity companies in Australia as your partner, to keep hackers and fraudsters at bay.

Stickman is one of the leading cybersecurity firms in Australia that offer radical, innovative and protective solutions and strategies. The objective is to apply comprehensive security to your architecture, so that vulnerabilities and risks can be mitigated while newer threats never get to your core, edge or cloud systems.

Why us?

Backed by 100% client satisfaction, our solutions are advanced, optimised and customised to meet the security needs of your business. Our strategic plans and cybersecurity solutions are both scalable and versatile.

As a premier cybersecurity firm in Australia, we are committed to making your systems failsafe and robust.

How to proactively manage cybersecurity threats.

At Stickman, we provide you with a full range of services and a single point of contact for all your cybersecurity needs that ensures you have the time and peace of mind to grow your business.

From assessing your current cybersecurity strategy, to identifying new threats, to managing cybersecurity with an expert team – take a look at StickmanCyber’s 4-phase, end-to-end offerings.

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Companies who made the smart decision to be safe, secure and compliant with Stickman


Stickman were very receptive and flexible to our needs for penetration testing. In addition, they provided a consultative approach to ensure they explained the work they were about to perform fulfilled the work we needed to have done. I also very much appreciated the continual updates I received from the support team that kept me up to date with milestones and the overall timelines. I plan to continue using Stickman for a number of programmes of work related to my software business.

Abraham Briceno

Strategic Product Manager

Veda Advantage

Stickman were engaged for key information security and compliance initiatives that were crucial as part of the ongoing commitments to the customers. They demonstrated the highest level of integrity and passion to achieve successful outcome. The complexity of the program of work along with tight schedules and budgets meant that there was little or no room for error. They remained committed throughout the program and set right expectations to the steering committee and program team members. We were glad to have engaged with them and highly recommend them to others who have complex and challenging information security and compliance initiatives.

Bhawna Kapoor


Dun & Bradstreet

Stickman have performed many penetration tests for my origination in the last 7 months. I have no hesitation in recommending Stickman both as a penetration tester of choice and also as a wider collaborative partner in all matters that require expert opinions and guidance regarding information security.

Roger Heyes

Senior Director of Security, Australia and New Zealand

Veda Advantage

People from Stickman looked very professional from our first touch. Their flexibility to satisfy customer needs and delivery oriented approach make them natural choice for SumUp as Penetration Test providers. In the process of our work together Stickman confirmed my conviction that we made the right choice. We got continuous updates on the progress of their work and feedback with practical recommendations about areas which need improvement. Overall work was so smooth that now I feel like we worked together from many years but in fact it was our first time doing business together.

Petar Burunsuzov

CISSP- VP IT Infrastructure & Operations


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